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    What's a Rotation: The Lottery loads the drawing machine before each drawing. Each vertical tube is loaded with the same numbered balls, however a rotation is used to place the tubes in a different order for each drawing. There are a total of 6 rotations, which are cycled in order from Rotation 1 to Rotation 6.

PICK 5 Power Sheets    $10.00


        LOTTO and PICK 5 Power Sheets

Wheeling systems allow you to dramatically improve your chances of winning.

These Power Sheets will include:

  • Combinations of a Balanced coverage of numbers and  a minimum of 2 single Power number systems that can be applied for the entire month.
  • Rotation Power Sheets will include the Hottest, best Hit rate numbers for that particular rotation that is ordered.  

        You will receive pre-made sets of numbers.
         (in both LOTTO 59 and PICK 5 power sheets)

  • The number statistics are consistent and current. Statistics will include:
  • Hot, Cold
  • Number Cycles, Patterns and both Historical and short term trends.
  • All Wrapped up, Wheeled up and Powered up for an entire month!


New York LOTTO Power Sheet    $10.00

    Daily Numbers: 3 Digit and Win 4

  • A monthly Power Sheet for the 3 Digit game will include;
    Combinations of statistics specifically formulated to include a high powered mix of straight and boxed bets.
  • 3 digit selections are deduced using hot, cold, position plays, doubles, first cousins, (co-digits)
  • Best Positions by pair, Special Interest picks and more.

New York 3 Digit Power Sheet $10.00


Win 4
Power Sheets are configured in the same way! 

  • Win 4 Specials by Position / Best Boxed in 1 year
  • Best Position by Pair Bet / Power Pairs +
  • Cold Position Trap Bets
  • Hot and Cold setups with Doubles and Boxed Bets
  • More

New York Win 4 Power Sheet    $10.00

Power Dream Sheet    $10.00

POWER DREAM sheets include many Dream Keys
that last Forever in your arsenal of Dream Numbers!

Dolphin     793
Pop Corn     432
February   510

Silence     059
Shipwreck   474
Tooth Picks   312

Visit the PICK 5 page for the Free Quick-Hit System.

A sample of Pick 5 and Pick 6 Power Sheets.
This template is typical as it utilizes 2 Power Number wheel-like systems plus 1 Balanced Number analysis.

Used for games such as PICK 5, FANTASY 5, SWEET MILLIONS, MEGA MILLIONS, POWER BALL and any PICK 6 Lottery game in any state!

Choose up to 3 Power Sheets for the games of your choice!

3 Power Sheets    $24.95

Select 5 Power Sheets ... One for Each Game!

5 Power Sheets    $40.00
To Order any Power Sheet By Mail:
Send Check or Money Order for $10.00 to
Vincent Conti
15 Nelson Ave. # 80304
Staten Island, NY 10308


Subscriptions are Available for All games!

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